Located in the heart of Davis Sq., Pepe Bocca is a purveyor of fine Italian dining from the mind of Chef and Owner Giovanni Maione.

Pepe Bocca opened its doors to rave reviews in December 2014 and is located right in the center of the charming Davis Sq. Giovanni has been serving both quality interpretations of classic dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of Italian cuisine. 

Pepe Bocca is an Artisanal Italian market & Restaurant, featuring in-house, freshly made organic artisanal breads & pizza, deli meats & cheeses, imported groceries, quality prepared foods, sandwiches/grilled panini, fresh pasta & sauces, cookies & pastries and much more.



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414 Highland Avenue
Somerville, MA 02144



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T-Sa 10a–8p
Su 10a–5p


Bread baking classes


Cheese & Charcuterie

We have one of the finest selections of Italian cheeses and Charcuterie in New England. Imported directly from Italy!

Artisan Breads

We make bread in-house with only the freshest locally available sources.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available in store!

Digital gift cards can be downloaded here - gyft.com/download

I was born on this earth by God to bake exceptional bread, and I’ve been doing it all my life”
- Giovanni

Pepe Bocca, a purveyor of fine Italian foods located in Davis Square, heralds a citywide return to slow foods. Giovanni Maione, Pepe Bocca's owner, is a third-generation Italian baker whose passion for artisan bread is infectious. The base of all his breads is freshly milled organic flour, sea salt, filtered water and his own wild yeasts.

Pepe's pies are exceptional because the core of every product in the store is organic, heirloom strains of grain and flour. Pepe sprouts and smokes all of its own grain before folding it into unique artisan breads, including arugula-pesto and brown rice with toasted sunflower seed, Millet and sprouted Flax (which boasts a wild and grassy tone). Several breads use a 12,000-year-old strain of einkorn flour, curated over centuries for health benefits and depth of flavor.

For many years, Giovanni has been a big proponent of slow foods. As a member of the Bakers Guild of America, he advocates to put forward the essence of true breads and food. It's not only about producing breads that look and tastes goods; his loaves have to be good for you - sustainable, hearty and packed full of wonderful, wholesome grains that are loaded with amino acids, protein, fiber and good carbs.

Nestled between the original pizzas and breads, which Giovanni considers to be the platform for the store's creativity, are the Neapolitan street foods, fine traditional dishes developed by Giovanni during his time curating menus for hotels and restaurants. Pepe's endeavors to make exceptional foods accessible, selling dishes like smoked duck pizza, escarole, pignoli and the famous burrata.

Giovanni studied and learned his trade alongside his father and family in their bakery from Naples, Italy to America. After working at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston, where he worked along chef Jamie Mammano and helped set up the Four Seasons bread program. he then went back to work at his father's restaurant, La Campania, as the head chef and baker for 15 years alongside his brother who was the general manager. Giovanni believes a lot of his success is due to the love and help from his mother, father, brother, wife and children - but especially his wife, whose love and support has fueled the fire every day.